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Our school policies aim to provide staff, students, parents and guardians with clear information about the standards of behaviour expected by all members of our community. This page provides downloadable copies of some of our policies. As part of The Thinking Schools Academy Trust our school also adopts the policies of the Trust. These additional policies are available to view or download from The Thinking Schools Academy Trust website.

If the policy you require is not available below or you require a printed copy, please contact the school office.

Moorings Way Infant School operates a CCTV system consisting of 8 cameras. The purpose of the system is to prevent loss of or damage to building and assets, to provide a safe and secure environment for pupils, staff and visitors and to assist in the prevention of crime. The cameras record images all the times but the display is not routinely monitored. The footage will only be viewed by authorised staff if there is an incident where we need to determine the details of what has happened. Our CCTV Policy is available on our trust website, should you wish to access it: