All the teaching staff at Moorings Way Infant School are working with Meon Infant and Meon Junior School colleagues to identify how our curriculum will meet the needs of our children.

We believe it is important to plan the learning journey of the children from Year R to Year 6. Even though we are an Infant School, this doesn’t stop us planning what the children will learn when they leave us. This is vitally important. As 3 schools, we have joined together to produce a joint intention of what we want the children to learn. The following statements were produced by our subject teams in September 2019.

By the time our children leave our school all pupils will have had the opportunities to develop their scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding.  This will be taught through biology chemistry and physics.  They will develop their understanding by using different types of scientific enquiries to help them to answer scientific questions about the world around them.  All pupil will be equipped with the scientific knowledge which will help them in their journey to find their place in the world.

Key Stage 1

  • Experience and observe phenomena
  • Encourage curiosity and asking questions.
  • Observing change over time.
  • Begin to use scientific language.
  • Learning through first hand experiences.


Lower Key Stage 2

  • Broadening scientific view of world around them.
  • Exploring, testing and developing ideas about every day phenomena and relationships between living things and familiar environment.
  • Ask own questions about what they observed and make decisions about enquiry choice.
  • Draw simple conclusions and use scientific language.


Upper Key Stage 2

  • Enable pupils to develop a deeper understanding of a wider range of scientific ideas.
  • Talk about ideas through exploration, ask questions about phenomena.
  • Analyse functions, relationships and interactions systematically.
  • Encounter abstract ideas, begin to recognise to understand and predict how the world operates.
  • Recognise scientific change over time.
  • Select appropriate ways to understand scientific questions.
  • Draw conclusions based on data evidence.